2018-2019 Faculty Handbook


Learning Resources Centers

The Learning Resources Centers provide a wide array of support services in a friendly atmosphere. In Ocala, the Clifford B. Stearns Learning Resources Center offers help through the Library, the Learning Support Center, the Writing Center, the Office of Professional Development, the Teaching, Learning, Engagement Institute and the E-Learning Help Desk. The Ocala Campus LRC is open 70 hours a week including Saturdays. At the Citrus Campus, the Dorothea G. Jerome Building houses the Library and the Learning Support Center. The Citrus Campus LRC is open 56.5 hours a week Monday-Friday and is closed Saturday and Sunday. Summer hours vary at both campuses.

Learning Resources Centers Hours

During the fall and spring semesters, the Ocala Campus LRC is open:


7:30 a.m.-9 p.m.


7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


10 a.m.-5 p.m.

During the summer semesters, the Ocala Campus LRC is open:


7:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

During the fall and spring semesters, the Citrus Campus LRC is open:


8 a.m.-8 p.m.


8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

During the summer semesters, the Citrus Campus LRC is open:


8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Hours may vary when classes are not in session and on holidays. For more information, call the Circulation Desk at 352-854-2322, ext.1344, for the Ocala Campus or 352-854-2322, ext. 6119, for the Citrus Campus. Hours can also be found on our webpage.


Photocopying is available at the Ocala and Citrus Learning Resources Centers. Faculty, please see your staff assistant for instructions on copying.


Printing is available at the Ocala Learning Support Center, Building 3, Room 101.

Printing is available at the Citrus Learning Resources Center.

Library Web Page

Faculty may choose to go directly to our Library Services for Faculty page linked to from the Library Web page http://library.cf.edu/.

Circulation/Library Access Services

CF Faculty may check out regular circulating items until the end of the current semester. Non-circulating items, including reference books and periodicals, may also be checked out for a limited time. See library staff for full details. A current CF ID card is required.

Library Collections

The CF libraries provide access to print and electronic resources, including e-books and streaming video, totaling approximately 223,000 items. Acquisition of materials for our collections is based upon relevance to the curricula, benefit to the college, and cost. To ensure that the collections best serve CF needs, faculty are encouraged to actively participate in the selection of materials. Contact a librarian to suggest materials for purchase.

Library Catalog and Databases

The Library website (library.cf.edu) provides access to the CF catalog and databases, after logging into MyCF:

  • The Catalog and Discovery Tool links provide information about the 77,000 books and 5,000 audio visual materials available in the Ocala and Citrus libraries and access to 42,000 full-text electronic books and 44,000 e-videos. The catalog can also be used to request books from other Florida state colleges.
  • The Libraries provide access to databases of electronic journal articles. Examples of these databases include Academic Search Complete (5,300 full-text periodicals, including 4,400 peer-reviewed journals); JSTOR (the complete digitized full text of 700 core scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, some dating as far back as the 1600s); CINAHL Complete (the full text of 1,300 journals  in the fields of nursing and allied health); and Literary Reference Center Plus from EBSCO (full-text literary criticism, biographical information, works overviews, reference essays, journal articles and reviews for 260,000 writers).

Interlibrary Loan

For materials not available at our campuses and centers, interlibrary loan service is provided. Delivery times are one to two weeks for most items.

Materials that are available at one of our campus libraries can be sent to one of our other campus libraries via daily courier.

Library Reciprocal Borrowing

CF libraries participate in a reciprocal borrowing agreement with all Florida state colleges and universities. CF faculty and students may check out items from other Florida state colleges and universities using their current CF ID.

Library Instruction

Faculty members are encouraged to bring their classes to the library for instruction on class- and assignment-specific research. The librarians provide information on library services and teach students how to locate relevant information, use the online catalog and Discovery Tool to locate books and other materials at CF and other Florida colleges, access and effectively search the online databases, and evaluate the information. The librarians also create assignments specific to each class and each assignment. To schedule a library instruction session, please contact a librarian at least one week prior to the desired date at 352-854-2322, ext.1345 (Ocala) or 352-249-1205 (Citrus).  Online instructors are able to incorporate specific library instruction modules or links to library resources into Canvas.  For assistance, please contact the Coordinator of Online Library Resources and Instruction at extension 1749.  Online courses may also have an embedded librarian.  Contact extension 1345 to arrange.

Library Reference Services

Reference librarians are available to provide instruction and assistance with locating information during the hours the library is open. The librarians are also available for consultation on classroom assignments that involve the library, research or information literacy skills. They create guides on topics such as citation styles or finding information on particular subjects. To discuss the creation of a specialized handout or assignment, please call a librarian at the Reference Desk (Ocala 352-854-2322, ext.1345, or Citrus, 352-746-6721, ext. 6120).  The statewide Ask-a-Librarian service is available many hours when the CF library is closed.  A link to Ask-a-Librarian can be found on the library web pages.

Library Reserve Services

The Ocala library maintains a reserve collection of textbooks and other supplemental class materials as provided by the instructor. These materials generally circulate to students for in-library use only. If you'd like to place a textbook or any other materials on reserve for your students, please contact the Ocala Library Circulation Desk at 352-854-2322, ext.1344, or the Citrus Library at 352-249-1205 for a Reserve Request Form.

Library Liaisons

Each CF department has its own library liaison, who contacts the faculty in that department periodically throughout the school year to provide updates and information, attends departmental meetings, and solicits feedback on services and resources. The liaisons for each department are listed at cf.libguides.com/libraryinstruction.

Library Special Needs

The libraries purchase videos and DVDs that have captioning and audio description when they are available. A document magnifier is also available.  If students require special assistance, faculty should notify library staff.

Special Collections

Other resources available to CF faculty, students and community are the special collections donated to the CF Foundation and located in the Learning Resources Centers and other parts of the campus. The Ocala collections include the Wisdom Traditions Collection, the Kenneth H. "Buddy" MacKay Congressional Books,  the Hartigan Equine Collection, the Abraben Architectural Collection and the Ocala Royal Dames Cancer Research Collection. The Ocala LRC also houses regalia from Congressman Clifford B. Stearns, his congressional desk, flags, and books. Governor Bryant's donated desk is housed on the second floor of the Bryant Student Union. The Citrus Learning Resources Center houses the Walker Environmental Science Collection.

Library Suggestions/Ideas

Faculty are encouraged to give ideas and suggestions to the library staff. Email them directly to the Reference Desk at library@cf.edu. We welcome input and collaboration with faculty in order to provide the best possible service to the students, faculty, staff and community.

Learning Support Centers

Both the Ocala (Building 3, Room 101) and Citrus (Dorothea Jerome Building, Room 204) Learning Support Centers aid CF students, at no cost, in academic (including developmental education, if needed) and occupational (including A.S. degree and certificate) programs by offering success-oriented services.

All CF and university partner students have access to the computers in the Learning Support Centers.

Faculty are encouraged to give ideas and suggestions to the Director of E-Learning and Learning Support Centers. Input from and collaboration with faculty to provide the best possible service to students is welcome.

Computer Assistance

Staff is available to provide computer assistance to students using the Learning Support Centers.


Tutoring is available in most subject areas. Students may sign up for individual or group sessions. Core class tutors are usually available in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. A tutor schedule is located at the Learning Support Center's website.

Writing Center (Ocala Campus)

The center offers writing support to courses across the curriculum through tutoring, small group instruction and workshops. In addition, specialized software is available in this lab to enhance students’ writing skills.

Applied Academics for Adult Education Support Center

Located at the Ocala Campus in Building 13, Room 100, the APA Support Center is a service to CF’s occupational (A.S. degree and certificate programs) and pre-occupational students. APA is a noncredit program that enables students to acquire the minimum basic literacy skills required for the Test of Adult Basic Education.

E-Learning Resources

E-Learning courses are available in two formats:

  • Online Courses – Online courses and programs are distributed through the internet, allowing for flexibility in time and/or place constraints normally encountered in traditional, on-campus classes.
  • Hybrid Courses – Hybrid courses are combinations of online and traditional face-to-face classroom instruction. A designated percentage of the class is delivered on campus, and the remaining percentage is delivered in the online environment. The predetermined percentages will vary according to the needs of the particular class and/or the particular instructor.

All faculty are required to use Canvas to post syllabi and other materials for their students to access.

CF Email Requirement for E-Learning Faculty

Instructors who teach E-Learning classes are required to maintain and regularly check their CF email accounts for the duration of the registration period and the semester in which they are teaching. Students may be required to submit assignments via Canvas, but instructors must be available via CF email for other communications from students and staff.

Training for Faculty Participating in E-Learning

Faculty involved in developing E-Learning courses are provided with support in technology training, specific methodology appropriate for the medium of delivery and with systems delivery support. To this end, the Professional Development Center, in cooperation with the E-Learning and Information Technology departments, provides continuous assistance for web-based and other forms of E-Learning instruction. The Professional Development Center offers training for effective use of instructional technology, as well as on ways to encourage communication and trust between students, their instructors and fellow students in E-Learning classes.

Media Services

Faculty needing an event or classroom activity videotaped or photographed can request services from Marketing and Public Relations at www.cf.edu/mprservices. Additional services available include the provision of digital images via email, DVD or CD-ROM, scheduling and supporting videoconferencing, and the duplication of audiovisual materials (copyright laws will be followed; see copyright section). For information, call 352-854-2322, ext.1328 (Ocala).

Citrus Campus has a DVD camcorder and tripod available for classroom usage. Please call 352-746-6721, ext. 6119, for more information.

Printing and Postal Services

Andrew Lowrey, Manager, 352-854-2322, ext. 1588

Printing Services Location and Hours

Location: Building 32

Hours of Operation: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

Telephone: 352-854-2322, ext. 1483

Email: printshop@cf.edu

Web: www.cf.edu/community/cf/printing

A convenient drop box is located in front of the Bookstore Building labeled Drop Box for CF Mail and Printing Request. You can email your print request to printshop@cf.edu

General Information

  • All standard print requests will have a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time depending on the content of the job, with some rare exceptions.

  • Print requests and proofing forms are available on the intranet under Forms, CF Printing and Postal Services.

  • Contact Andrew Lowrey at 352-854-2322, ext. 1588, for assistance in setting up postcards, fliers, and other items for bulk mailing and other printing needs.

  • See departmental staff assistant before making a large number of copies.

See http://inside.cf.edu/departments/postal/index.htm for full information on CF Printing and Postal Services.

CF Postal Services Location and Hours

Location: Building 35

Hours of Operation:

Post Office: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

Lobby: 6:30 a.m.-9 p.m.

Telephone: 352-873-5803 or 352-854-2322, ext. 1396

General Fax: 352-291-4450

Email: usps@cf.edu

Web: www.cf.edu/community/cf/postal

Office of Professional Development - Professional Development Center

The PDC offers a place for faculty to work individually or with colleagues to design materials for classroom instruction. It includes the following resources:

  • an instructional technology computer lab with 16 computer stations for workshops and assistance in the development and use of presentation tools, a four station mini-lab with plasma screen to work on individual projects, desktop publishing and graphics packages.

  • a large conference room with teleconferencing equipment, providing a spacious and welcoming setting for committee meetings, workshops, and other functions; and one smaller breakout conference area equipped with a plasma screen and a laptop station.

The PDC provides equipment to develop materials in the computer lab and offers portable equipment which can be checked out for classroom use:

  • ThinkPad laptops

  • projection equipment

  • presentation and authoring software

Hours of Operation


7:30 a.m.-6 p.m.


7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.


8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Summer Hours


8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Office of Professional development - Professional Development Center Services

Video Tutorials and Workshop Handouts

Video tutorials and documents can be found at http://inside.cf.edu/departments/opd/video_tutorials.htm. For additional information regarding workshops, conferences, and professional development opportunities, contact the Office of Professional Development at 352-854-2322, ext. 1210 or ext. 1708.

Microsoft Office Helpful Hints and Tutorials

Microsoft Hints and Tutorials may be found at http://inside.cf.edu/departments/opd/microsoft_office_help.html, as well as links to MS Office Self-Paced Training Courses and MS Office Quick References Guides.

Adjunct Faculty Information

PDC offers a website (http://inside.cf.edu/departments/opd/TLIsite/adjunct_faculty.htm) for CF adjunct faculty that provides links to the vision/mission statement, the Faculty Handbook, general collegewide information, and information pertinent to adjunct faculty. Some of the items/topics covered o this website include adjunct FAQs, learning outcomes, service learning, social media usage and guidelines, a syllabus template, Orange Grove, video tutorials, Faculty and Staff 911 Guide and an adjunct survey.

Scantron Test-Scoring Machine

A Scantron test-scoring machine is located in the Professional Development Center at the Ocala Campus and is available to all faculty members during the PDC hours. Faculty must bring the necessary supplies.

The Citrus Campus Scantron machine is located in Building 3, Room 208L. The Levy Campus Scantron machine is located in Room 214G.

Teaching, Learning and Engagement Institute

TLEI Mission

The Teaching, Learning and Engagement Institute is dedicated to fostering a learning-centered culture at College of Central Florida. Recognizing that outstanding instruction is an ongoing process that requires continuous improvement, the CF Teaching, Learning and Engagement Institute promotes and supports opportunities which stimulate excellence in teaching in order to enhance student learning.

TLEI Goals

The Teaching, Learning and Engagement Institute is committed to the following goals:

  • fostering continuous improvement in teaching and professional development
  • providing faculty access to current print and software materials
  • enhancing awareness of research findings on new teaching, learning and engagement methods
  • providing a mechanism and central location for faculty to express concerns and exchange ideas about teaching, learning and engagement
  • promoting and supporting the development of innovative courses and programs
  • approving and funding faculty initiated instructional mini-grant proposals
  • encouraging and supporting research on teaching methods and faculty-developed measures to assess the success of student learning and engagement
  • facilitating the exchanges of in-house expertise, materials, methods and resources through peer collaboration and faculty interaction
  • providing exposure to the best in current thinking on theories of teaching, learning and engagement through guest lectures, workshops, institutes, conferences, faculty exchanges and visits.

TLEI Activities and Services

The Teaching, Learning and Engagement Institute:

  • coordinates faculty on-campus activities and training including workshops, classroom visits, faculty forums and faculty fellows activities
  • publishes “Directions,” a CF faculty journal, containing dialogue on current professional issues, mini-grant abstracts, articles on teaching, announcements of recent instructional materials acquisitions, reviews of conferences and workshops, as well as highlights of available resources and services
  • recognizes faculty excellence through the “Stars” and “Constellation” awards
  • is located in the Professional Development Center, Building 3, Room 117.

TLEI Travel/Professional Development

Faculty attend Professional Development Days in August, October, January, and February and attend other activities as required.

See Procedures, Travel. You may apply for funding of professional conferences and other kinds of professional travel activities. Requests are evaluated by the Teaching, Learning and Engagement Institute coordinator.

  1. Faculty currently under contract with CF may apply. All travel must be documented and approved in advance. All forms must be turned in at least three weeks prior to departure.
  2. Adjunct faculty must have taught at CF for at least four semesters (excluding current term). Amount of travel approved will be based on number of classes taught in the past two years at $100 per class, not to exceed $1,000 per trip or $1,000 per adjunct faculty member per year.
  3. To receive travel reimbursement, faculty must submit, within two weeks of return, a follow-up review that outlines the intended evaluation activity to include:
    • brief written review of the conference/workshop/program to be published in “Directions,” the Teaching, Learning and Engagement Institute journal
    • presentations to colleagues at formal meetings (in-service workshops)
    • informal sharing with colleagues at division/department meetings.


Videoconferencing Procedures

The procedures for scheduling videoconferencing are as follows:

  1. All requests for videoconferencing services must be made at www.cf.edu/mprservices.
  2. Requestor is responsible for reserving room spaces at all participating sites. NOTE: For sessions with off-campus sites, a compatibility test will need to be scheduled at least two days ahead.
  3. For connection from CF to outside agencies, individual departments will make the specific arrangements with the receiving point. However, the individual college department will first fill out the request form at www.cf.edu/mprservices to reserve the CF equipment. For example, department may want to schedule a videoconferencing session with a local organization. Before scheduling, the designated department contact would need to call Marketing and Public Relations to make sure that the equipment is available at the date and time desired. The department contact would then reserve the equipment and proceed with making arrangements with the outside organization.

Note: To arrange for and schedule videoconferencing at Citrus (Dorothea G. Jerome Building, Room 112), use the Citrus Campus Room Reservation form addressed to Justine Govantes and follow the procedures above.

Videoconferencing Protocols

  • The audiovisual specialist/videographer will communicate with campus contacts to determine the time to turn on the system for a test before each session.

  • Requestor will arrange for meeting handouts to be sent ahead of time to the receiving sites, via email, fax or courier (email attachments are preferred).

  • Requestor (or designee) will control the equipment during the session.

  • Requestor (or designee) will be responsible for shutting down and securing the equipment at the end of the session.

  • Requestor will notify campus contact person that equipment is ready for pickup, if the equipment is not in its assigned home base (e.g., Ewers Century Center, Room 102).

  • Requestor is responsible for notifying the audiovisual specialist/videographer of cancellations or any change in time or location.


College of Central Florida maintains a public website, www.CF.edu, as a tool to communicate the college mission and vision as well as an informational and marketing tool for college educational programs and services. Program and information pages are managed through a content management system. For information about CF web pages, contact the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at 352-873-5845.

Instructional Enhancement

CF Foundation

The CF Foundation exists to help the College of Central Florida carry out its mission of providing quality educational services to residents in Marion, Citrus and Levy counties. The Foundation provides financial resources to the college and its students, including student scholarships, endowed faculty and department awards, faculty/staff recognition, facilities and other gifts to the college.

The CF Foundation is a public, nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization governed by a volunteer board of directors and operated under its own articles of incorporation and by-laws. Major fundraising activities, including but not limited to an annual fund campaign and planned giving development, provide the resources needed to supplement government funding for the college.

The Foundation owns and operates the Enterprise Center at the Ocala Campus and the College Square student housing facility. It also owns the works of art and permanent collection at the Appleton Museum of Art.

Additional information about the CF Foundation can be obtained at http://www.CF.edu/foundation or by calling 352-873-5808.

Endowed Chairs and Grants

Endowed Chair Faculty Awards are available to faculty members who are seeking monetary resources to enhance their work in the classroom and the learning experience of their students. The awards are given for a three-year time frame. Each year, the faculty chair holder receives a $2,000 unrestricted award with an additional $4,000 available through the Foundation to spend on an approved project or activity. Some examples of past expenditures include specialized lab or training equipment, computer software, guest speakers or presenters, educational seminars and training, travel, and other equipment such as e-readers, cameras, iclickers and iPads.

Endowed Chairs and Grants provide resources for an individual faculty member, a department and CF to further develop the learning environment. Faculty members may contact the appropriate budget supervisor in their respective departments to inquire about securing grant funds for a particular project. Grant categories are: State-of-the-Art Learning, Cultural Environment, Educational Environment and New Initiative.

Additional information on Endowed Chairs and Grants, including the application process and criteria, is located on the CF intranet under CF Foundation/Forms.

Webber Gallery

Located on the north side of the Ocala Campus, the CF Webber Gallery provides a wide variety of exhibitions that are available to students, faculty and the public. Admission is free.

The Webber Gallery is an excellent learning resource. Exhibits generally support the curriculum and often feature special events such as guest lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, and hands-on workshops and demonstrations. Faculty are encouraged to utilize the gallery in assigning special projects, offering extra credit for visiting the gallery and encouraging students to attend special events. CF students can also enroll in studio art courses which qualify them to display their work in the Student Art Exhibition each spring.

Instructors may arrange to bring classes in for special showings during hours the gallery is not normally open to the public. To schedule a special viewing of an exhibit, call the gallery coordinator at 352-854-2322, ext. 1664. See the Webber Gallery website at cf.edu/webber or the "Insider" newsletter for scheduled exhibits and activities.

Faculty members are also encouraged to contact the gallery coordinator if they are interested in proposing ideas for future exhibits and related programming.

Appleton Museum of Art

The Appleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida, is one of the South’s premier visual art museums. Located at 4333 E. Silver Springs Blvd. (State Road 40), the museum is approximately four miles east of downtown Ocala.

As a vibrant cultural center for Ocala and the region, the Appleton Museum offers outstanding exhibits, lectures, films, workshops, tours, concerts, trips, school-related programs and volunteer opportunities for the community.

Educational programs are developed and scheduled to complement both temporary and long-term exhibitions. The museum’s educational programs include a combination of lectures and presentations by scholars and artists, hands-on adult and children’s classes, and docent-led tours. 

The Appleton Museum of Art, Appleton Store and ARTSpace are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. CF students, faculty and staff are admitted free during regular museum hours with their CF ID card. Visit AppletonMuseum.org for more information.

Resources to Students

Training for Students Participating in E-Learning

Students new to online classes will be provided assistance to help determine if online learning is suitable for them. To assist with this, an interactive assessment for determining if a student possesses the attributes suitable for online learning has been added to the college’s website at www.cf.edu/elearning.

To help students become familiar with Canvas, an optional course entitled Getting Started in Canvas has been added to each student’s Canvas account. Any faculty member who would like to be added to this Getting Started course may contact dlhelp@cf.edu.

Additionally, the E-Learning Help Desk is available to offer assistance and training to students and faculty as requested (dlhelp@cf.edu or 352-854-2322, ext. 1317).

Student Assistance Program

The CF Student Assistance Program is a confidential resource for assisting students who may have personal problems which could affect their school, work or home lives. SAP provides early intervention and professional assessment and counseling to best meet the needs of the student. Services are free to all active CF students.

The SAP is managed by Bay Care Life Management, a health management organization located in Clearwater. A student can call the toll free number, 1-800-878-5470 (24 hours per day, seven day per week) for assistance. Once the student makes the telephone call, he/she will be given telephone numbers of several private licensed therapists, counselors, or clinical psychologists in his/her respective community that he/she may call and arrange for an appointment. Professional help is available to the student that can address a broad spectrum of issues — behavioral, emotional, substance abuse, relationships, and other problems. Monitoring and follow-up services are included.

Disability and Counseling Services

Disability and Counseling Services offers a wide range of services and resources for students. They provide career counseling, academic advising as it relates to the student’s disability, and they connect students to programs and community resources. These services aim to help students overcome obstacles, build confidence, self-advocate, and attain success. They help students engage in courses, programs, services, and activities at CF.

Disability Services

CF is committed to providing equal educational opportunities and full participation in all college activities, programs, and services for students. The college fully supports and ensures compliance of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and all other pertinent federal, state, and local disability anti-discrimination laws. Our services include, but are not limited to: appropriate classroom and testing accommodations, sign language interpreters, adapted computer access, and course substitutions.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact Disability Services. Accommodations are custom designed to meet the needs of the student. These needs may relate to physical access, auxiliary learning aid, or programmatic and classroom academic adjustments. Auxiliary learning aids may include American Sign Language interpreters, scribes, CCTV, and various adaptive hardware and software including large screen monitors and computers with enlarging software, screen reading software and dictation software. Academic adjustments may consist of testing modifications and/or course substitution.

Counseling Services

Professional counseling services are available for all college students who are experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, or any other psychological issue that could affect their school, job, relationships, or their home lives. Services are provided by Florida licensed mental health clinicians. This confidential resource is for all college students who want to achieve their endeavors. The Counseling Department is located in building 5, office 205B or office 205F. For more information about Counseling, you may call 352-854-2322 Ext. 1760 or Ext. 1286.

The Counseling Department also provides a weekly support group called Psychological Rehabilitation Education Program. P.R.E.P. meets every Tuesday in building 5, conference room 203 from 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m. Please bring your thoughts and ideas!

In addition, the Counseling Department has an online mental health screening that is located on the Counseling Services web page. The web site is:  http://screening.mentalhealthscreening.org/centralflorida You may print out your results from the screening and bring them to your primary care physician.

Suicide Prevention

The Campus Suicide Prevention Project is grant funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This project is responsible for the implementation of a college wide infrastructure that promotes education and awareness while incorporating the philosophy that it is everyone's responsibility to be knowledgeable on suicide awareness. CF students, faculty and staff will learn the signs and symptoms of suicide through classroom-based instruction, a series of seminars/workshops, and guest speakers. These venues will provide information on available resources and strategies for helping those dealing with a suicidal situation.

For additional information, please contact Thomas Walsh, MA, at Ext. 1652 or walsht@cf.edu.

Overall, the Counseling Department understands the incapacity or inability to copy with the demands of college life or society as a whole. Even the most difficult puzzles have solutions. The Counseling Department wants your education to be a positive journey

Contact Information

The Office of Disability Services is located in the Bryant Student Union, Room 204, on the Ocala Campus. For more information, visit the Disability Services office, email colleliv@cf.edu or call 352-854-2322, ext. 1580. Arrangements can be made to meet with students at any of the college’s locations.

CF Foundation Patriot Emergency Fund

This program was created to help provide the resources and tools students need to stay in college and reach their educational goals when faced with an unforeseen financial emergency. When funds are available, students may be provided financial assistance to get them through their emergency. Furthermore, they are encouraged to seek help and are often directed to additional resources to help them with other life challenges they may face. All recipients are linked to a financial literary resource web portal that is designed to help them build their long-term money management skills.

In order to be eligible for consideration, a student must meet the following conditions:

  • must have completed at least one semester at CF
  • must have an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • must be taking at least 6 credit hours during the current semester

Students may view further details and restrictions and apply for emergency financial assistance at www.cf.edu/patriotfund or, may visit the dean of Student Services in the Bryant Student Union (Building 5), Room 205, or call ext. 1250 for more information.

AFC Membership

The Association of Florida Colleges is the professional association for Florida's 28 public community and state colleges, their boards, employees, retirees and associates. The mission of the association is to actively promote, democratically represent, support, and serve the individual members and institutions in their endeavors to provide their students and the citizens of Florida with the best possible comprehensive community college educational system.

By joining or renewing your membership, you ensure that your voice along with all employees at the College of Central Florida will be heard. There are opportunities for social gatherings, professional development, conferences and community service projects.

How do I join?

Go to http://www.myafchome.org/.

  1. Click Member Services tab.
  2. Click join AFC.
  3. Click College of Central Florida.
  4. Log in for returning user or set up new user.
  5. Identify type of membership based on membership dues and annual salary. Click the submit button.
  6. Complete the application. It is recommended that you choose the payroll deduction option.

Tuition Waivers

The President or the President’s designee is authorized to waive tuition and fees in accordance with the Florida Statutes and Florida Board of Education Rules.

In addition to those fee waivers authorized by Florida Statutes and Florida Board of Education Rules, the President or the President’s designee is authorized to waive fees for full-time employees and immediate family (spouse, dependent children, dependent stepchildren) of employees. Full-time employees and/or immediate family may be given up to six (6) credits of waived fees per term per person. Adjunct faculty teaching credit courses may be given up to three (3) credits of waived fees for each fall or spring semester in which they are teaching a course(s) and they may use those tuition waivers at any time during the academic year in which they teach. Retirees* and their spouses may be given up to three (3) credits of waived fees per term per person. FRS eligible part-time employees ** may be given up to three (3) credits of waived fees per term. Fee waivers may also be given for non-credit courses.

This fee waiver is for tuition fees only. It does not include lab fees, the application fee or other fees. Waivers for other fees may be authorized by the President or the President’s designee.

Policy Manual, Rule 5.08

The Application for Employee and/or Dependent Tuition Fee Waiver form can be located at


CF also has some agreements with private institutions for discounts on upper-division and graduate coursework. Check with the University Center Manager at ext. 1262.

See Administrative Procedure for Policy 5.08 for more information.

*A retiree shall be anyone who was employed full-time at the college who was vested in the state retirement system at the time they officially retired from the college.
** An FRS eligible part-time employee is defined as a current part-time employee who has met the FRS eligibility requirements of 2,080 hours worked.