2018-2019 Faculty Handbook

Early Support Program (ESP)

CF's Early Support Program (ESP) strategy helps students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome barriers to their academic success. The program targets students enrolled in developmental, gateway and other high enrollment first-year courses, but is also available to all students at CF. As part of the college's collaborative retention efforts, faculty teaching these targeted courses are prompted to assess students early in each semester based on identified risk factors. Faculty are encouraged to reach out first to the student, but to quickly follow-up with an ESP. First-Year Success and meta-major advisors review and respond to these assessments to ensure students are connected to appropriate support resources as soon as possible. A feedback loop between the students, their advisors, specific campus resources (i.e. Disability Services, Academic Support, Financial Aid, etc.) and the students’ faculty member provides at risk students with support and guidance on their academic pathway.

Reasons for a faculty or staff referral to the ESP system:

  • attending class, but not making satisfactory progress
  • class disruption, disrespect, etc.
  • consistently late to class
  • continually submits sub-standard work
  • failure to turn in assignments
  • high rate of absenteeism
  • low test/quiz performance
  • missed tests, quizzes, or major examinations
  • not participating in class
  • financial aid concerns
  • personal financial concerns
  • health issues
  • academic integrity
  • social or emotional concerns

Students can also self-refer if they are having difficulty in a class or difficulty adjusting to college in general by visiting the Office of Student Services in the Bryant Student Union, Ocala Campus, or by reaching out to their faculty member or program advisor.

Early Alert Referral Form

To locate the Early Alert Referral Form, log into MyCF and click the faculty tab. Scroll down to Early Alert Referral Program and click on Early Alert Referral Form.