2018-2019 Faculty Handbook


Your CF Webmail account can be accessed when you are away from your workstation, on or off campus.

  1. Go to the college website at http://www.CF.edu.

  2. At top right click on CF Login and then MyCF.

  3. Enter your CF ID number and your MyCF Portal password.

  4. Click on the Faculty tab.

  5. Scroll down to Bookmarks and click on Webmail.

  6. Enter entire email address (example: abc123@cf.edu) and password to access CF Webmail.

NOTE: Users do not have to always login to MyCF to access CF Webmail. The link is available on http://www.CF.edu under CF Login + Staff Webmail.

To obtain an email address, complete an IT Systems and Data Access Request form: http://inside.cf.edu/forms/compsvcs.htm (available on the CF intranet under Forms or through the division staff assistant).

All employees are responsible for managing their email accounts and storage usage.

To delete your email

Highlight the message that is to be deleted and click the X on the toolbar. This will send it to the deleted items folder. To empty the deleted items folder, right click on the folder which will give a menu. Left click to select Empty Deleted Items. NOTE: Email accounts for adjunct faculty have limited space on the server. Permanently delete old messages (i.e., empty your Deleted Items file). Photos and some attachments take up a lot of storage; save these to flash drives instead. Faculty are advised to check email accounts during the times they do not teach at least every two weeks so mailboxes do not become full and then closed. If you are notified that your mailbox is closed, you can re-open it by deleting some email until you are below the space limit. Please note that it may take several minutes to open after you are below the space limit.

Password change

Passwords automatically expire after 90 days. You will receive advance notification if you login to a computer on any CF campus and will be prompted to change your password. If you are unable to change your password, call IT Help at 352-854-2322, ext. 1378, for assistance. Passwords may not be sent via email as that is a violation of CF’s computer security policy.

Other problems

If you have any other problems with your email account, call IT Help at 352-854-2322, ext. 1378.