2019-2020 Catalog

EDP 4503 Assessment, Evaluation and Diagnosis of the Young Child

Students in this course will be introduced to a philosophic overview of the assessment process, including reading assessment, transdisciplinary assessment teams and provisions for appropriate information gathering techniques (formal and informal) which include the construction, selection, interpretation and evaluation of diagnostic instruments. The role of technology in testing and record maintenance will be discussed. Teachers will understand how to select and administer appropriate assessments and analyze data to inform reading instruction to meet the needs of all students. Teachers will engage in the systematic problem-solving process. In addition to class meetings, a minimum of 15 hours in an age 3 to grade 12 setting is required. This is an ESOL (2010) infused class, and satisfies Florida Reading Endorsement (2011) Competency Three (Foundations of Assessment).




EDF 2005 and EEC 3400 and EEC 4219 and EEC 4301 and EEC 4624 and EEX 4201 and LAE 4416


EEX 4231