2019-2020 Catalog

EEC 4219 Integrated Math and Science for Young Children

Students will focus on instruction and integration of mathematics and science content and methodology in the areas of emergent numeracy and mathematical and scientific principles. Students will scaffold student learning and engage in the systematic problem-solving process through disciplinary literacy by applying the principles of research-based reading instruction, integrating the six components of reading; and differentiate process, product and context. In addition to class meetings, a minimum of 15 hours of field experience in a diverse age 3 to grade 12 setting is required. Successful completion of this course is a grade of C or better. This course satisfies Florida Reading Endorsement (2011) Competency Four (Foundations and Applications of Differentiated Instruction) and is an ESOL (2010) infused course.




EDF 2005 and EEC 4301 and EEX 4201 and LAE 4416