2019-2020 Catalog

EEC 4624 Creative and Effective Experiences for Young Children

Students will select, create, organize and use materials, activities and environments that support developmentally appropriate practices. These practices will include arrangement of class environment, learning through play, facilitation of learning through technology, discovery learning and problem-solving, creative expression, and developing the abilities of all children to be reflective thinkers and lifelong learners. Teachers will have a broad knowledge of students from differing profiles in order to understand and apply research-based instructional practices by differentiating process, product and context. Teachers will engage in the systematic problem-solving process. In addition to class meetings, a minimum of 15 hours of observation and participation in a diverse age 3 to grade 3 setting are required. Successful completion of this course is a grade of C or better. This is a Florida ESOL (2010) endorsement infused class.




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