2019-2020 Catalog

CJE 2061 Policing in America

This course is designed for those students who may be considering a police career or who are already in the police service as well as those students who are not considering a career in law enforcement but are still concerned consumers of those police services. The course looks at the methods and issues, personalities and problems, and attitudes and beliefs of those persons who wear the badge. The course also addresses the primary concerns of those in the community who rely on the police for protection and service. There is a service-learning component built into the course where the students can get a grasp of the practical aspects of everyday policing. Special emphasis is placed on the unique aspects of police work such as community policing, modern management principles, and civil liability factors. Other more critical issues that are found all too often on the front pages of our nation's newspapers such as the police subculture, excessive use of force and corruption are also addressed. In essence, this course explores in depth what the police service is doing to meet the challenges that the crime phenomena and America's serious social problems pose for them in the 21st century.