2019-2020 Catalog

PSY 2861 Positive Psychology: Strategies for Personal Effectiveness

This course will utilize student-centered learning activities and is designed to provide students with a foundation in practical applications of personality and social psychology concepts. The course will address fundamentals of psychology as a means to develop positive personal self-management behaviors by providing students with strategies that support personal success and success in life- long learning. Topics will include: positive, social and personality psychology approaches; adjustment and self-management psychological concepts, decision making, critical thinking and problem solving, assessment and behavior change, social and cognitive learning theories and strategies; identifying maladaptive psychological processes; application strategies for success in positive outcomes for coping with stress, time management, health and wellness, effective studying, management of emotions, decision making, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, self-concept and self-efficacy. This course may be available in the on campus lecture and blended online/on campus instructional formats.