2019-2020 Catalog

Database and E-Commerce Security, College Credit Certificate

6216: College Credit Certificate in Database and E-Commerce Security (18 Credit Hours)

CIP: 11.1003

FL CIP: 0511100311

SOC: 15-1131

The Database and E-Commerce Security college credit certificate prepares students to install and configure network security software and utilities. Students also learn how to administer and manage security activities as they relate to e-commerce security. The courses in this certificate program are also part of the Associate in Science degree in Computer Information Technology.

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This program is upward compatible with an Associate in Science degree. Contact the Financial Aid Office for clarification of financial aid eligibility.


Program Courses

CGS 1100Microcomputer Applications


CET 1278A+ Fundamentals


CGS 2540Database Management Systems


CTS 2134Networking Fundamentals


CGS 1820Web Programming


CTS 2120Security Fundamentals


Total Credit Hours: 18