2019-2020 Catalog

Mechanical Designer and Programmer, College Credit Certificate

6361: College Credit Certificate in Mechanical Designer and Programmer (12 Credit Hours)

CIP: 15.0805

FL CIP: 0615080503

SOC: 27-1021, 51-4012

Content in this college credit certificate program includes but is not limited to theory and application of solid modeling techniques used in product design and fabrication using CNC principles. At completion students are qualified to take the certification exam offered by Solid Works. Students will also be introduced to computer aided drafting/design skills, technical communications, maintenance and operation of various industrial components, quality control and testing, material handling protocols and proper usage of tools and instrumentation. The program explores additive machine processes (rapid prototyping) which will enable a student to become proficient in technological advances within the industry such as 3-D printing.

View the Academic Pathway for this program at CF.edu/AcademicPathways.

This program is upward compatible with an Associate in Science degree. Contact the Financial Aid Office for clarification of financial aid eligibility.


Program Courses

EGN 1111Engineering Graphics


ETD 23643-D Modeling with Solid Works


ETI 1414Introduction to CNC Machining


ETI 2412CNC Machining Processes


Total Credit Hours: 12