2019-2020 Catalog

Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Motors for Manufacturing, College Credit Certificate

6359: College Credit Certificate in Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Motors for Manufacturing (12 Credit Hours)
CIP: 15.0613
FL CIP: 0615061303
SOC: 17-3027

After successfully completing this program, the student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of industrial processes and material properties, demonstrate a fundamental understanding of electricity and electronics, and understand, operate, troubleshoot, and maintain pneumatic, hydraulic, and electromechanical components and/or systems.

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This program is upward compatible with an Associate in Science degree. Contact the Financial Aid Office for clarification of financial aid eligibility.


Program Courses

EET 1084Survey of Electronics


ETI 1843Motors and Controls


ETS 1542Introduction to PLCs


ETS 1700Hydraulics and Pneumatics


Total Credit Hours: 12