2019-2020 Employee Handbook

Emergency or Personal Leave, Full-Time Employees

According to Board Policy 6.14 – Leaves of Absence, employees are allowed time off for family emergencies and leave with supervisor's permission. A maximum of four days (30 hours maximum) per fiscal year may be charged to accrued sick leave for purposes of personal leave, inclusive of emergencies.

Emergencies are defined as circumstances or events beyond the control of the employee, which require time away from assigned duties and which cannot be reasonably anticipated or scheduled after duty hours or during the weekend. Bona fide emergency leave and leave with pay for personal reasons is not cumulative. The following are examples of situations for which emergency or personal leave may be used:

  • Events due to natural disaster or acts of nature
  • Compassionate reasons
  • Legal commitments
  • Religious holidays
  • Immediate family responsibilities or events such as weddings and graduations
  • Immediate occupational or professional events, which in no case involves remuneration to the employee

Whenever possible, a request for leave for personal reasons should be filed in advance. Immediately upon return to work after an emergency or illness, a certification of absence is filed on the proper form giving the reason for the leave request. Leave Request forms may be obtained from the Payroll Office or at Inside.CF.edu/forms, under Payroll.

Refer to the policy manual and Administrative Procedure for Personal Leave for more information.