2019-2020 Employee Handbook

Jury Duty, Full-Time Employees

When on jury duty or when subpoenaed as a witness (but not a principal in the litigation), an employee will receive court-related leave with pay and may retain any fees earned. The employee will not be paid by the college for meals, lodging or travel while serving in this capacity.

An employee must furnish a copy of the jury duty summons to his/her supervisor as soon as possible so the supervisor can make arrangements to accommodate the employee’s absence. The appropriate leave form must be completed with a copy of the summons attached and sent to Human Resources. An employee is expected to report for work whenever the court schedule permits.

When involved in litigation on behalf of the college or due to action in the line of duty as an employee, the employee is considered on duty and is required to turn over to the college any fees received from the court. An employee involved in litigation on behalf of the college or due to action in line of duty as an employee eligible for travel reimbursement and meal stipens in accordance with Court-Related Leave Administrative Procedure .

An employee engaged in personal litigation in which he or she is a principal will not be granted administrative leave for court attendance. The employee may be granted vacation, personal or emergency leave in such cases, with approval of the president. The employee should fill out a leave request form for the purpose of documenting time away from the workplace. Review Board Policy 6.14 – Leaves of Absence at www.Inside.CF.edu.