2019-2020 Employee Handbook

Sick Leave Pool Full Time Employees

Enrollment in the Sick Leave Pool is available to full-time employees provided that such employee has met all eligibility requirements. To be considered for membership, the employee must have been employed for one continuous year and have accrued sick days as attainable in the contract period, such as Administrators, Professional and Career employees-12 days, 10 month employees-10 days, faculty – 8 days, etc. Open enrollment occurs semi-annually (April and October) for eligible employees. The purpose of the sick leave pool is to provide an opportunity for employees to create a bank of sick leave hours that can be drawn on by fellow employee sick leave pool members who have exhausted all sick leave due to a catastrophic illness or health related emergency only. For more information review the Administrative Procedure for Sick Leave Pool located at  Inside.CF.edu, under Manuals/Procedures or view the Sick Leave Pool informational section at Inside.CF.edu, under Employee Benefits.