2019-2020 Employee Handbook

Tuition Waivers and Reimbursement

Tuition waivers of up to six credit or equivalent noncredit hours per semester are permitted for full-time employees and their immediate family. Tuition waivers of up to three credit or equivalent noncredit hours per term are permitted for part-time employees who have met the Florida Retirement System eligibility requirement of 2,080 hours. Tuition waiver request forms must be completed and submitted to the Financial Aid Office. The Human Resources Office will verify employment for all new employees, as well as FRS eligibility for part-time employees. The college has agreements with some other colleges and universities to provide tuition waivers for employees. The tuition waiver request form is available at Inside.CF.edu/forms, under Admissions/Records/Financial Aid. For information on CF tuition waivers, see Administrative Procedure for Waivers of Fees and Tuition for Employees and Dependents.

The Office of Professional Development coordinates requests for tuition reimbursement for full-time employees for courses that support professional development at the department, division or instructional level. Forms are available at Inside.CF.edu/forms, under Professional Development. For information on CF tuition reimbursement, see Administrative Procedure for Tuition Assistance for Employees.