2019-2020 Employee Handbook


Employees should exercise extreme caution and the utmost discretion in discussing or releasing confidential information. The right to privacy of an employee or student is protected to some extent by federal or state laws, but these have limitations. In regard to employee records, evaluations may not be shared with a person not directly involved in the evaluation process nor may information concerning the employee’s conduct, disciplinary actions, or other matters of an extremely personal nature, regardless of whether or not the information has been placed in a sealed envelope/file. Such information may be released only upon permission of college president or court order.

Unpublished telephone numbers or addresses may not be released except in bona fide emergency and only to the appropriate officials of the college or to law enforcement or court agencies. Transcripts may not be reviewed by anyone other than college officials if stamped by the issuing institution with these or similar words: "Do not release to third party without student's permission." All other information on file (applications, references, verification of employment, certifications and licenses, salaries, contracts, and other records related to employment) is open for public inspection.

The college is reluctant to release any information concerning an employee by telephone and prefers that such requests be in writing. The Human Resources Office will not release employment data without a written authorization and release signed by the individual who is the subject of the inquiry.

For students, confidentiality is protected under the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. This law is specific about what information may or may not be released concerning a student and defines directory information, which may be unconditionally released without prior consent of a student unless written notice is filed with the Registrar's Office asking that this not be done. One of the most frequent telephone calls received is a request for transcript copy. Transcripts are released only upon written consent of the student and payment of the required fee.

The Human Resources Office may request to have a transcript released from the Registrar’s Office for an employee or potential employee. The employee must sign the request.

The spreading of rumors or gossip about CF, its employees, or its students, is considered to be a breach in confidentiality and is grounds for disciplinary action.