2019-2020 Employee Handbook

Electronic Mail (Email)

Many of CF employees are connected by an electronic mail system. An employee will receive a user ID and a password that will allow him/her access to various systems. Information Technology will provide instructions on how to log in to the systems and send and receive mail. Any information on these systems is the property of CF and the equipment is for work-related activities only. Communication systems may be monitored at CF’s discretion.

CF licenses the use of its computer software from a variety of outside companies. The college does not own this software or its related documentation. Unless authorized by the software developer, neither the college nor its employees and students have the right to reproduce it.

Use Limitations. With regard to use on LANs (Local Area Networks) or multiple machines, CF employees and students shall use the software only in accordance with the license agreement.

Reporting. CF employees and students that are aware of any misuse of software or related documentation within the college shall notify their supervisor or, in the case of students, the appropriate faculty member or college official.

Disciplinary Action. CF employees and students who make, acquire or use unauthorized copies of computer software will be disciplined as appropriate under the circumstances.