2019-2020 Employee Handbook

Salary Schedule

Each year, in conjunction with adoption of a new budget, the District Board of Trustees adopts a salary schedule to be used as a basis for paying employees. This salary schedule is used in determining the annual, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly compensation for employees. There are provisions within the schedule for the previously cited employment categories, as well as for continuing education, criminal justice, workforce development, health occupations, and other temporary employees. A copy of the salary schedule is available in the Office of Administration and Finance and at www.CF.edu/hr or Inside.cf.edu.

Pay increases are not automatic. Employees must work more than half of their annual contract or assigned duty days to be eligible for a pay increase. Annual pay increase may be given subject to adequate funding and based on the recommendation of the president and approval of the District Board of Trustees. All full-time employees must have satisfactory evaluations to be considered for a pay increase.