2019-2020 Employee Handbook

Salary and Position Changes

Salary ranges and positions are approved by the District Board of Trustees. When the president approves a classification change (new hire, promotion, appointment, salary upgrade, reclassification, demotion, contract change or transfer) as described in the salary schedule, that action will be reported to the District Board of Trustees.

Vacancy announcements are normally opened to all competitive applicants, both on and off campus, simultaneously.

Advancement in Pay Grade
Pay grade advancements are not automatic. Refer to the adopted salary schedule for current information.

The president may assign employees within their job classifications from one department, division or campus to another, according to the needs and best interests of the college. The president may also reassign qualified employees to take on added responsibilities in order to balance the available workforce with essential staffing requirements. Such changes are announced in the official record of the District Board of Trustees. There is no change in pay status during a transfer.

Promotions and appointments are reassignments to a position of higher skills, responsibility and salary range. Promotions and appointments generally occur at the determination of the President and are based on the needs of the college overall. 

For complete information on all categories of salary and position changes, refer to the adopted salary schedule.