2019-2020 Employee Handbook

Group Insurance Benefits

The Florida College System Risk Management Consortium is a self-insured organization consisting of many of the state's 28 public community colleges. Its major purpose is to provide employees with the best group insurance possible at the lowest possible rates. We continue to believe that the best insurance package for our employees is through the consortium. Rates are established annually and are based on loss experience by the individual college and medical costs within the college district. Our increases have been in line with our rating experience and plan usage.

Health Benefits

CF's health insurance plan provides regular full-time employees and their dependents access to medical insurance benefits. Eligible employees may participate in the health insurance plan subject to all terms and conditions of the agreement between CF and the insurance carrier.

A change in employment classification that would result in loss of eligibility to participate in the health insurance plan may qualify an employee for benefits continuation under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, COBRA.

Details of the health insurance plan and information on cost of coverage will be provided in advance of enrollment to eligible employees. Comprehensive information in regard to the health insurance may be found on the Employee Benefits website at Inside.cf.edu, Employee Benefits. You may also contact the coordinator of benefits and special projects at 352-854-2322, ext. 1290, for more information about health insurance benefits.

Hospitalization and Major Medical Programs, Full-Time Employees

Two plans are offered by FCSRMC through one health insurance organization. Florida Blue Preferred Patient Organization (PPO) is the name of the college’s health insurance plan. The college pays the entire cost of single coverage for regular, full-time employees. It is recommended that employees use the providers within the plan to avoid additional out-of-pocket expenses. 

Synoptic descriptions of each plan can be found at Inside.cf.edu, Employee Benefits, under Health Insurance.

DV Plan, Full-Time Employees

DV plan is a second option available for those regular full-time employees who have adequate health insurance outside the consortium's programs. It includes employee-only coverage for dental and vision.

Group Term Life Insurance & Voluntary Life Insurance Plans

Coverage of $20,000 is provided for regular full-time employees, and the college pays the premium for that coverage. A full-time employee, at his/her own expense, may opt to pick up additional coverage for up to three times the employee’s average annual salary.  For those full-time employees who retire, life insurance coverage of $5,000 may be purchased through the group plan. Dependent coverage is not offered through this plan. The carrier, through the consortium, is UNUM Life Insurance.

Questions concerning insurance, requests for change in coverage and requests for claim forms should be directed to the coordinator of benefits and special projects at 352-854-2322, ext. 1290. 

Employees can find life insurance forms, including information about other voluntary life insurance plans that are available to all employees (part-time and full-time) and their dependents at Inside.cf.edu, Employee Benefits, Life Insurance.

Disability, Full-Time Employees

Employees may choose to purchase long term or short term disability insurance coverage. Premiums are payroll deducted on a post-tax basis. More information can be located at Inside.cf.edu, Employee Benefits, under Voluntary Benefits.

Section 125 Plan (Cafeteria Plan), Full-Time Employees

CF has arranged for its regular full-time employees to participate in a Section 125 Plan. The Section 125 Plan is designed to enhance our current benefits package. Through this plan, an employee can purchase benefits with pre-tax dollars. These dollars are subtracted from an employee’s gross earnings before taxes are taken out. The plan is administered by Custom Benefit Services, and representatives are frequently on campus to assist you with this program. An employee may only enroll in the cafeteria plan or make changes to their benefits through the plan at the beginning of employment, during the open enrollment period or as a result of a qualifying event.

The Section 125 Plan offers the option of selecting cancer insurance, medical gap plan, dental insurance, vision insurance, and dependent care reimbursement and medical reimbursement through payroll deduction. An election form must be completed to participate. Once pre-tax benefits begin to be deducted, an employee must remain enrolled for the entire contract year.

More information can be located at Inside.cf.edu, Employee Benefits, under Voluntary Benefits.

Dental/Vision Plans

The college offers a voluntary dual-choice dental and vision program for employees as part of the Section 125 Plan. Part-time employees become eligible once they have met the Florida Retirement System eligibility requirement of 2,080 hours and are eligible to enroll during the first open enrollment period following FRS eligibility. Information is available at Inside.cf.edu, Employee Benefits, under Dental and Vision Insurance.