2019-2020 Employee Handbook


College of Central Florida is made up of groups — students, faculty and staff. Because each group is important in fulfilling the role and mission of the college, information is needed by individuals within each group to help them contribute to success in reaching mutually adopted goals. This handbook is designed to help employees become part of the CF family, and it describes the benefits of working for the college. Having a common foundation for action will enable each of us to share the pride that comes from working in a good college that serves students well.

This handbook is designed specifically for day-to-day use by employees in the career, professional and administrative positions. It includes information about college policies and the interpretation of those policies. Other handbooks have been developed for faculty members and for students.

All employees of CF are governed by the policies of the District Board of Trustees. The policies are all based on the legal authority of the State Board of Education rules. In turn, State Board of Education rules are derived from authority given by Florida statutes, general laws and special laws that have been passed by the legislature and signed into law by the governor of Florida.

All proposed policies and revisions are placed on the board agenda; copies of the agenda may be obtained one week before every board meeting. Policies and Procedures are available at the CF website, www.CF.edu. The board meetings are normally held on the fourth Wednesday of each month. If an employee has difficulty finding a specific policy or needs additional information regarding employee rights and responsibilities, he or she may contact the Human Resources Office or the Office of Administration and Finance.

Vision Statement

Your first choice for quality higher education.

Mission Statement

We transform lives and enrich our community by providing a supportive, high-quality learning environment that prepares individuals to excel in work and life.


We Empower

  • Cultivating individual and collective strength, value and responsibility.

  • Creating a caring and collaborative culture where faculty and staff are committed to the success of all

  • Supporting each individual's potential and growth

We Engage

  • Being a responsive partner, fully focused on the success of our students, faculty, staff and community

  • Taking initiative to achieve positive results

  • Taking action to connect, learn and grow with the institution

We Excel

  • Delivering high-quality learning experiences

  • Committing to the highest standards of education, service, accountability and organizational performance

  • Leading with service excellence

Patriot PRIDE Service Standards

The PRIDE Service Standards are Professional, Responsive, Informative, Dependable and Engaged.