2019-2020 Employee Handbook

Payroll Deduction Opportunities

The college offers employees the opportunity to participate in special programs and activities through payroll deduction. In addition to the standard insurance programs, the following other opportunities are available through payroll deduction.

CF Foundation Activities

During authorized donor periods, employees may participate in membership activities of the CF Foundation and may donate to its sponsored scholarship and endowed chair programs.

Association of Florida Colleges

AFC is a professional organization in which any employee or trustee may be a member. AFC offers a legislative program, special benefits, and annual meetings for all community colleges. Participation is optional but strongly encouraged.

United Way

Charitable contributions are made to the local United Way during an annual drive, which is held in the fall. Employees are encouraged to contribute to this nonprofit organization and are contacted by a building representative during the drive.

Booster Activities

Employees wishing to support musical or athletic student activities as a booster or patron may do so through payroll deduction.

The college president has authority to approve other items for payroll deduction.