2019-2020 Employee Handbook

Bomb Threat

The following procedures will be implemented upon notification of a bomb threat.

  1. The Public Safety Office should be notified immediately in order to alert the college administration of this threat. Administration will notify law enforcement authorities.
  2. If there is no indication of where the alleged bomb is supposedly placed or the time of impending explosion, the person receiving the threat should notify the switchboard operator, who will follow the same procedure as above. College administration and law officers will then instruct individuals on campus as to the method of evacuation and search.
  3. Classrooms are to be evacuated during bomb searches; however, in no instance may a class be dismissed without instructions from the president or a designee who has been advised on proper action by law enforcement officers. As in the case of fire, people should leave the building in an orderly fashion and remain at a safe distance from the facility until the threat is over.

IMPORTANT: A bomb threat should never be considered a hoax. Recipients of calls should exercise calm when talking with the caller and attempt to get more information. All attempts should be made to hold the caller on line while efforts are made to trace the call or identify the voice.