2019-2020 Employee Handbook


The following procedures will be implemented upon notification/sighting of a fire at the college.

  • Attempts should be made to eliminate the danger if at all possible.
  • All personnel should be aware of the locations of regular and emergency exits, fire extinguishers and hoses and alarms; they should also be familiar with the operation of this equipment.
  • Fire alarms are located on every floor of every building, with the exception of the maintenance building and portable facilities.
  • Fire extinguishers are located in all hallways, employee lounges, laboratories and mechanical rooms.
  • Fire hoses are located in the Learning Resources Center, the pump house, and the Maintenance Building.

IMPORTANT: In all instances, the safety of students and personnel is of utmost importance. Efforts should be made to immediately evacuate the area on fire to prevent injury and to avoid obstructing efforts to extinguish it. Evacuation should be carried out in an orderly manner with persons remaining a safe distance from the building until the danger is over.

The following are evacuation procedures in the event of fire.

  • A blast of the fire alarm is the signal to vacate a building.
  • Instructors shall be the last persons to leave classrooms.
  • All doors and windows shall be closed before leaving room.
  • The Public Safety Office should be notified immediately upon determination of fire location and type.
  • All traffic and persons shall clear the roadway for use of emergency vehicles.
  • Maintenance personnel will utilize any firefighting equipment and procedures necessary to contain the fire until supervisory personnel arrive.

IMPORTANT: If the fire is obviously out of control, immediately use the fire alarm in the building and call the local fire department. DO NOT WAIT FOR PERMISSION FROM SUPERVISORS. Notify the Public Safety Office of emergency action taken so college administration can be advised of the situation.