2019-2020 Faculty Handbook


Statement about grading (class attendance, homework, tests, etc.):

For example:   Attendance: Each student is required to attend all class meetings. Attendance is required for all tests and there will be NO make-up tests. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal from this course. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the withdrawal forms by the appropriate date. (Attendance accounts for 5% of Final Grade.)


Grading scale (see current catalog):

Make-up policy (Recommended): For example: No make-up work will be given unless there is an emergency or prior approval has been given by the instructor. In such an event, you must notify your professor before the exam or item is due unless the emergency prohibits it and you will be asked to bring proof of the emergency. A make-up exam must be taken within one week of the original exam date unless the emergency prohibits it. While you do not need to disclose personal details, let your professor know as soon as possible if something is preventing you from participating online or completing work.