2019-2020 Faculty Handbook


All travel on behalf of the college must be documented and approved in advance. Forms are available on the intranet. All travel requires a Travel Authorization Request be completed at least three weeks prior to departure. (Allow more time if your preregistration or airline requires an earlier deadline.) Faculty members who need assistance completing these forms should contact the division staff assistant, the Office for Academic Affairs or Financial Operations/Travel.

The faculty member is responsible for ensuring that travel requests have been approved prior to departing. In the event of accident or injury, the college employee who travels without an approved Travel Authorization Request is at risk concerning liability insurance coverage.

Employee Travel

Authorization forms must be typed, completed in detail, signed by the traveler and/or supervisor, and submitted to the appropriate administrator three weeks prior to the trip. If it is less than three weeks prior to the trip, the faculty should consider the request urgent. Urgent requests should be walked through to each appropriate office for approval prior to the impending trip date. The authorization request must provide documentation of the meeting/activity to be attended (attach agenda). Include a copy that provides information concerning trip expenses. When an overnight stay is requested, check the appropriate box on the travel form and fill out required information. This serves two purposes:

  1. Employees do not have out-of-pocket hotel charges.
  2. By paying with a college check, we are not required to pay tax in the state of Florida.

Airline tickets may be purchased through any reputable local travel agency. The travel agent will indicate how to use a purchase order number or check to hold the ticket at the quoted price. When completing the leave request, include the amount of the ticket on the travel form.

If a faculty member requires assistance with Travel Authorization Requests or Reimbursement Requests, please contact the appropriate division staff assistant or Financial Operations/Travel.

Student Travel

Trips involving students must be documented with an Off-campus Trip Request. The Off-campus Trip Request must be signed by the instructor, instructional supervisor, the vice president for Academic Affairs and appropriate Student Affairs personnel if using Student Activity funds. Students must provide a signed Consent and Release for Off-Campus College Student Activity form, which must be maintained in a file in the division office. Every CF staff member who accompanies students on a trip must submit a completed Travel Authorization Form along with the Off-campus Trip Request. See Field Trips/Off-Campus Student Activities.

In-district Travel

In-district travel is considered to be within the three-county service area of College of Central Florida (Citrus, Levy and Marion). In-district travel requests for reimbursement should be completed at the end of each month. Completion of the form is self-explanatory. Forms are available under Travel Forms and Info at http://inside.cf.edu/forms/index.html.

Out-of-district Travel (Class C)

Class C travel refers to short trips or day trips where the traveler is not away from the college overnight. Class C travel may receive meal subsistence at the current state-approved rate provided the official college business is outside the college’s three-county district (Citrus, Levy and Marion). Class C travelers will need to request the subsistence allocation on their travel form. You are not required to request reimbursement. As with other travel, no receipts are necessary. The college is required to include Class C reimbursement in your regular paycheck. The college is also required to report the Class C meal reimbursement as wages on the employee’s W-2 form.

Mileage for Auto Travel

Mileage reimbursement for use of personal vehicles is $0.445 rounding down per mile (see the division staff assistant for the official mileage chart) or you may use map software such as MapQuest, Yahoo Travel, or something similar. If more than one employee is traveling to the same destination, travelers are expected to share rides to reduce expenses for the college. Employees wishing to use their own vehicle for personal convenience rather than sharing a ride should not request mileage reimbursement (e.g., eight employees traveling to the same conference in six different vehicles would not be individually reimbursed unless prior approval was documented).

Travel Tips and Reminders

  • Secure all necessary signatures and file travel requests at least three weeks in advance. When applying for Professional Development funds, make application as early as possible since the funding committee members must meet to evaluate all requests prior to forwarding travel requests for final approval.
  • It is to the employee’s advantage to have as many expenses prepaid as possible (hotel bill, airfare, conference registration, etc.). Having a CF check with tax-exempt certificate attached saves money for the college and avoids the need for the employee to pay charges out of pocket and wait for reimbursement.

Closing Travel

All travels must be closed out regardless of reimbursement amounts (ex: if the travel reimbursement is $0, the paperwork still needs to be closed out). Employees should save their opening travel forms electronically. Please use this form to close out the travel. (See the department staff assistant or Financial Operations/Travel for help filing the appropriate paperwork.)

  • Actual trip dates and times must be filled in. Leave the first two columns as is and fill out the last two columns.
  • All original receipts must be attached to the closing travel, (ex: tolls, gas slips, hotel receipts, car rental receipts, student meals signature list, airfare, registration receipt).
  • All expenses must be listed on travel form. Meals are based on departure and return times and whether meals were provided as stipulated on the event’s agenda.
  • Traveler and appropriate supervisor must sign travel form. If the closing travel is at least $10 more than the estimated amount, the third signature is required.
  • The mileage is based on the Official Highway Mileage chart located on the intranet or any reputable mapping website.
  • A copy of the opening travel must accompany the closing travel. All agendas must accompany the closing travel, if not attached to the opening travel request.
  • If you cancel a trip or the agency you register with cancels the forum, you still need to close out the trip.
  • All trips are encumbered and will not be released until the travel is closed out with the proper paperwork.

If you have any questions, please contact a staff assistant, the Office for Academic Affairs or Financial Operations/Travel.