2019-2020 Faculty Handbook

Office of Professional Development - Professional Development Center Services

Video Tutorials and Workshop Handouts

Video tutorials and documents can be found at http://inside.cf.edu/departments/opd/video_tutorials.htm. For additional information regarding workshops, conferences, and professional development opportunities, contact the Office of Professional Development at 352-854-2322, ext. 1210 or ext. 1708.

Microsoft Office Helpful Hints and Tutorials

Microsoft Hints and Tutorials may be found at http://inside.cf.edu/departments/opd/microsoft_office_help.html, as well as links to MS Office Self-Paced Training Courses and MS Office Quick References Guides.

Adjunct Faculty Information

PDC offers a website (http://inside.cf.edu/departments/opd/TLIsite/adjunct_faculty.htm) for CF adjunct faculty that provides links to the vision/mission statement, the Faculty Handbook, general collegewide information, and information pertinent to adjunct faculty. Some of the items/topics covered on this website include adjunct FAQs, learning outcomes, service learning, social media usage and guidelines, a syllabus template, Orange Grove, video tutorials, Faculty and Staff 911 Guide and an adjunct survey.