2019-2020 Faculty Handbook

Videoconferencing Protocols

  • The audiovisual specialist/videographer will communicate with campus contacts to determine the time to turn on the system for a test before each session.

  • Requestor will arrange for meeting handouts to be sent ahead of time to the receiving sites, via email, fax or courier (email attachments are preferred).

  • Requestor (or designee) will control the equipment during the session.

  • Requestor (or designee) will be responsible for shutting down and securing the equipment at the end of the session.

  • Requestor will notify campus contact person that equipment is ready for pickup, if the equipment is not in its assigned home base (e.g., Ewers Century Center, Room 102).

  • Requestor is responsible for notifying the audiovisual specialist/videographer of cancellations or any change in time or location.