2020-2021 Catalog

CF Unit of Credit

The College of Central Florida awards semester credits. Credit for standard lecture in-class and online instruction is granted at a ratio of one semester credit per each 50-minute class session per week for a 17-week semester. For example, a typical three-credit course requires three 50-minute classes per week for a 17-week semester. Semester credits are also given during the two six-week summer terms, as well as during special nonstandard terms, with the same total number of hours required per credit as during a regular term.

Credit for laboratory and clinical experiences is granted at ratios that range from one credit to one hour of lab/clinical, to one credit to three hours of lab/clinical per week for a 17-week semester. Courses offered in nonstandard terms will have laboratory and clinical credits adjusted accordingly.

Vocational credit hours are calculated by dividing the number of vocational clock hours by 30 to determine the number of credits for a given course during a 17-week semester. Courses offered in nonstandard terms will have vocational credit hours adjusted accordingly.

Certain programs, such as Nursing and Physical Therapist Assistant, may consider a student to be full–time with less than 12 credits in a semester because of the one-to-three credit hour ratio of clinical or laboratory experiences required in that specific program. See specific programs for details.

Fall (17 weeks) last week in August–mid December
Spring (17 weeks) first week in January–last week in April
Summer A (6 weeks) first week in May–mid-June
Summer B (6 weeks) mid-June–first week in August
Summer C (12 weeks) first week in May-first week in August