2020-2021 Catalog

Special Requirements

Audit Students

Students will follow the regular registration and payment process. Students must submit a request to change to audit status in the Enrollment Services Center at the Ocala Campus or Citrus Campus. Exceptions to the audit policy require approval of the dean and will count as an attempt. The audit policy is not applicable to Health Sciences, Criminal Justice, science labs, and college preparatory and dual enrollment students. See Grade Forgiveness  and Withdrawal policies.

Child Care Students

To comply with Florida law, Chapter 402.3055 2(a), each prospective student must be fingerprinted and undergo a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Level II background screening. The cost of these procedures is the responsibility of the student. Information received is confidential and is required to determine the prospective student’s ability to work with children.

Criminal Justice Students

See Criminal Justice Technology and Florida Law Enforcement Academy for more information.

Degree-Seeking Students

Placement Testing: Degree-seeking applicants to any university or community college in the Florida state system must present placement test scores taken within the last two years as part of the application process or meet the exemption according to Senate Bill 1720. CF accepts any of the three tests authorized by the state (ACT, SAT or the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test). PERT is the official placement test for state colleges in Florida. CF regularly offers PERT at its campuses. Placement tests provide information about the reading, English and mathematics skills that are required for success in college. By assessing ability levels in these areas, placement tests help determine the most appropriate English, mathematics and reading courses students should take. Scoring below the required cut-off score indicates the student is not ready for college-level work in the specific area. Florida requires these students who are not exempt to complete college preparatory course work prior to entering college-level work in the weak areas.

New degree-seeking students may not register for classes unless CF has placement test scores on file or the student has met the exemption according to Senate Bill 1720. PERT sample test question booklets and ACT and SAT registration packets are available at the CF Ocala Campus Testing Center (Bryant Student Union, Room 205), as well as at the Citrus Campus Counseling Office.

Suspended Students

A student who has been placed on academic suspension and is ineligible to return to CF or the previous institution attended must file a petition for admission to CF. The student must schedule a return from suspension appointment with an advisor. See Petitions and Academic Review for petitions information.

Transient Students

Transient students must submit a transient form showing good standing from their home institution prior to registering at CF. The transient form must also list those courses in which the student wishes to enroll, as well as their residency status for tuition purposes.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must be eligible to return to the last institution attended for admission to CF through regular procedures. Those who have been suspended from another institution are required to file a petition for admission. See Petitions and Academic Review for petitions information. Students whose status is academic probation at their last institution will transfer to CF with the status of academic probation.