2020-2021 Catalog

Emergency Medical Services — Technician Program (Basic), College Credit Certificate

6237: College Credit Certificate In Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) (12 Credit Hours)

CIP: 51.0904

FL CIP: 0351090415

SOC: 29-2041

This program prepares students to provide pre-hospital emergency medical services including patient assessment and care of ill or injured patients.

This is a limited-access program. Please consult CF.edu/LimitedAccess for information on limited-access programs.

View the Academic Pathway for this program at CF.edu/AcademicPathways.

This program is upward compatible with an Associate in Science degree. Contact the Financial Aid Office for clarification of financial aid eligibility.

Prerequisite: admission to program.



EMS 1119Fundamentals of Emergency Medical Technology


EMS 1119LFundamentals of Emergency Medical Technology Skills Laboratory


EMS 1431EMT Hospital/Field Experience


EMS 1354CEmergency Field Operations


Total Credit Hours: 12