2020-2021 Catalog

Welding Technology - Advanced, Career and Technical Certificate

7297: Career and Technical Certificate (750 Clock Hours)

CIP: 48.0508

FL CIP: 0648050806

SOC: 51-4121

Welding Technologies – Advanced is offered exclusively at our Jack Wilkinson Levy Campus. For information contact the Levy Campus at 352-658-4077.

This program offers a sequence of courses that provide rigorous and relevant technical skills needed to prepare for careers in the welding industry.  This certificate allows students to continue their skill development beyond the current Applied Welding Technologies certificate program with an additional 750 contact hours focused primarily on pipe welding techniques.  Upon completion of the Welding Technology –Advanced certificate program, graduates will be prepared for high-level welding positions within the industry. Successful completion of a welding technology program is required prior to enrollment in this program.

View the Academic Pathway for this program at CF.edu/AcademicPathways.

This program is eligible for federal and state financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office for further information about your individual eligibility.


Program Courses

PMT 0165Shielded Metal Arc Pipe Welding
PMT 0168Gas Tungsten Arc Pipe Welding
PMT 0172Heavy Wall Pipe Welding
PMT 0175Pipe Fitting
PMT 0186Stainless Pipe Welding
PMT 0185Pipe Welding Certification

Total Clock Hours: 750