2020-2021 Faculty Handbook

E-Learning Procedure for Online Class First-day Meetings

Faculty members should clearly provide introductory information to their online courses, at least equivalent to what they provide to a face-to-face section.  Although faculty members are allowed to require an orientation meeting, all on-campus meetings must be noted in myCF at the time of registration.  The most commonly used approaches to providing this information are as follows:

  1. Utilize the course management system, Canvas, to provide course orientation materials, in audio, video, or written format that can substitute for materials that would otherwise be delivered in a face-to-face orientation.
  2. Offer an optional open-door orientation that is available to students who feel they need face-to-face assistance.  This may be done in collaboration with other instructors in the same discipline.  If this option is chosen, materials as described in item one should be made available to students who choose not to attend.
  3. Meet the class in person at the first scheduled meeting time.  If option two or three is selected, the instructor must be present at the meeting.  A technician from the E-Learning Help Desk or the Learning Support Centers can assist the instructor with technical issues at the meeting, but cannot substitute for the instructor at the meeting.