2020-2021 Faculty Handbook

Procedure for Duplication of an Online or Hybrid Course

  1. The head of the subject-area department or the campus dean/provost (in cooperation with the appropriate department chair or program manager) approves the need for additional sections of an existing online or hybrid course.

  2. The department head, campus dean, vice president or provost will determine which faculty member will teach the additional section. If the new faculty member desires to use content from the previously developed course (in accordance with the content duplication guidelines below), that faculty member should then consult with the developer as a professional courtesy before proceeding.

  3. Once duplication of an online or hybrid course has been approved in the originating department, that department head, campus dean, vice president or provost will notify the E-Learning Help Desk at dlhelp@cf.edu. The E-Learning staff will then duplicate the course shell according to the content duplication guidelines below, and make it available only to the faculty member. The developer's personalized information will be removed from the course listing and welcome page.

  4. The faculty member who will use the duplicated shell will customize the shell as needed.

  5. According to the annual E-Learning Plan, course management system quality standards training is required for any faculty member assigned to teach an E-Learning course.

Content Duplication Guidelines

Basic core for duplication could include, but not be limited to, the following components:

  • the basic timeline

  • the syllabus (to be modified as needed)

  • student lessons and assignments (to be modified as needed)

  • lecture notes (if these were included in the development process)

  • publisher content.

The following components may be duplicated only with permission of the developer:

  • instructor-developed question database

  • instructor-designed tests/exams

  • discussion forum items.