2020-2021 Faculty Handbook

Emergency Crisis Procedures/Guidelines

Employee Information Line: 352-291-4499

For more information, please refer to the Emergency Response Plan at https://inside.cf.edu/manuals/ermanual.pdf

Classrooms are equipped with telephones at the teaching stations that can call 911, other extensions on campus and receive emergency broadcasts from the emergency notification system.

In case of an emergency, notify the Public Safety Office via 352-854-2322, ext. 1472 or ext. 1422, or use the emergency telephones located in various buildings on campus. In addition, the blue emergency call boxes, which have been strategically placed in parking lots on campus, can be used. For identification purposes, the call boxes are numbered in conjunction with the specific parking lot. (Emergency Call Box No. 4 is located near parking lot No. 4 and so on.) For further emergency crisis procedures/guidelines, see Appendix G.

CF uses the Rave Alert system for emergency notifications to students, faculty and staff. A Rave account has automatically been set up for you if you have provided an email address to CF.

Within your Rave account, you may choose to receive CF emergency communications via text messages, email or recorded voice messages. You may also use the link to opt out of the communications, if you prefer.

For more information, see Emergency Alert Notification on the portal home page.