2020-2021 Faculty Handbook


Videoconferencing Protocols

  • The audiovisual specialist/videographer will communicate with campus contacts to determine the time to turn on the system for a test before each session.

  • Requestor will arrange for meeting handouts to be sent ahead of time to the receiving sites, via email, fax or courier (email attachments are preferred).

  • Requestor (or designee) will control the equipment during the session.

  • Requestor (or designee) will be responsible for shutting down and securing the equipment at the end of the session.

  • Requestor will notify campus contact person that equipment is ready for pickup, if the equipment is not in its assigned home base (e.g., Ewers Century Center, Room 102).

  • Requestor is responsible for notifying the audiovisual specialist/videographer of cancellations or any change in time or location.

Videoconferencing Procedures

The procedures for scheduling videoconferencing are as follows:

  1. All requests for videoconferencing services must be made at www.cf.edu/mprservices.
  2. Requestor is responsible for reserving room spaces at all participating sites. NOTE: For sessions with off-campus sites, a compatibility test will need to be scheduled at least two days ahead.
  3. For connection from CF to outside agencies, individual departments will make the specific arrangements with the receiving point. However, the individual college department will first fill out the request form at www.cf.edu/mprservices to reserve the CF equipment. For example, department may want to schedule a videoconferencing session with a local organization. Before scheduling, the designated department contact would need to call Marketing and Public Relations to make sure that the equipment is available at the date and time desired. The department contact would then reserve the equipment and proceed with making arrangements with the outside organization.

Note: To arrange for and schedule videoconferencing at Citrus (Dorothea G. Jerome Building, Room 112), use the Application for License to Use Facilities, which can be found at https://inside.cf.edu/forms/facilitiesrentals/index.htm.