2020-2021 Faculty Handbook

Attendance Verification

Attendance for each class must be verified at the beginning of each semester, according to the schedule provided from Student Affairs (i.e., Financial Aid guidelines).

The automated Attendance Verification component of Jenzabar has made attendance reporting easier. In addition to reporting attendance electronically, instructors are able to make changes on the attendance roster instead of sending emails to the Office of Financial Aid for students that start class late.

If a student comes to class for the first time AFTER the attendance roster has been submitted, make the appropriate change on the online Attendance Verification and resubmit. Do not change the status of any student previously submitted as “has attended.”

Please keep in mind that a student whose attendance is not verified will not receive Title IV Financial Aid. The college cannot disburse Title IV aid to any student until all of that student’s instructors have verified attendance. If a student is purged from a class and later re-enters, the instructor must resubmit attendance verification for this student. Please call Financial Aid at 352-854-2322, ext. 1476, with any questions about this process. If there are any problems accessing Jenzabar for online attendance rosters, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk (IT Help Desk) at 352-854-2322, ext. 1378.

To view an instructional video on attendance verification click to the following link: 

mms://videosrv.cf.edu/attendance verification 2.