2020-2021 Student Handbook

Posting Policy

Agents, salespersons and solicitors shall not be permitted on campus to distribute printed information, solicit funds, or sell goods or services to employees, students or campus organizations without the prior, specific approval by the President or the President's designee. This rule includes the prohibition of placing printed materials on vehicles in College parking lots.

Materials which may not be approved by the President for distribution include:

  1. Indecent, vulgar or lewd material or obscenity defined in reference to minors;
  2. Libelous material;
  3. Material that promotes illegal activities for minors; and
  4. Material that infringes upon someone else’s copyright.

The College may limit the time, place and manner of the distribution of materials that are approved by the President. Such restrictions might include:

  1. Prohibition of distribution of materials in hallways or other thoroughfares where distribution would disrupt order or impede the free flow of student movement;
  2. Limitation on time of day and number of days that material can be distributed;
  3. Requirements that all materials be placed in designated table in specific location and be available for students to pick up;
  4. Prohibition on disorderly or coercive distribution; and
  5. Requirement that materials bear a prominent official disclaimer of school sponsorship.

(Florida Statutes 1001.02, 1001.64, 1010.08 and CF Board Policy 3.01.)

Posters, signs and other materials may be displayed on College property only with the concurrence of the President or President’s designee who will approve both the material and the location of posting. The following are exceptions to this rule:

  1. Classroom: Materials related to the curriculum may be displayed in classrooms without prior approval. Instructors are urged to use discretion in the selection of such materials. All questions related to classroom bulletin board usage should be cleared with the appropriate Dean.
  2. Faculty and Administrative Offices: All College offices are considered extensions of the classroom and must be maintained accordingly. Political posters and materials are not to be displayed in offices.

(Florida Statute 1001.64 and CF Board Policy 8.07)

CF student clubs, organizations and departments may post information regarding College events in designated areas on campus. All student club and organization fliers, posters, signs, etc. need to be approved. None shall be hung on any glass window areas or painted surfaces. For questions regarding posting on campus and approval, please contact The Office of Student Life in Building 11, or the administrative offices at the Citrus Campus and Levy Center.