2020-2021 Student Handbook

Student Activities Policy

It is the intent of the College to provide students with appropriate activities, organizations, and clubs and to allocate funds from collected student activity and service fees to support such activities. Student groups seeking recognition by the College as an official club or organization must follow the procedures set forth in the Student Activity Procedures Manual. Student groups not recognized by the College as official organizations or clubs may not participate in the student activity fee budget, planned activities, or free rental of College facilities or use "College of Central Florida " in its name or represent generally that it is an official student organization or club.

District Board of Trustees policies, 7.04, "Student Rights and Responsibilities," and 7.05, "Disciplinary Action and Rights of Appeal," apply to the aforementioned organizations and clubs.

A copy of the Student Activities Procedures Manual and other pertinent information are available in the office of the Chief Student Affairs Officer of the College, the administrative office at the Citrus Campus and the Levy Center, and the office designated by the President as the responsible authority for student activities.

(Florida Statutes 1001.02, 1001.64, 1009.23, 1009.25, 1009.26, FAC: 6A-14.506, CF Board Policy 7.06)