2020-2021 Student Handbook

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights: Upon registration, students are entitled to the following freedoms and/or rights provided that their exercise is accomplished in accordance with College procedures and does not result in disruption or disturbance:

  • Right to freedom of expression: The basic freedom of students to hear, write, distribute and act upon a variety of thoughts and beliefs is protected. Freedom of expression carries with it the responsibility for seeing that the essential order of the College is preserved.
  • Right to hold public forums: The College desires to create a spirit of free inquiry and to promote the timely discussion of a wide variety of issues, provided the views expressed are stated openly and subject to critical evaluation. Restraints on free inquiry will be held to a minimum and will be consistent with preserving an organized society in which peaceful democratic means for change are available. Guest lectures or off-campus speakers sponsored by the student groups may appear on the College campus following approval by the designated College authority for such appearances.
  • Right to peaceful assembly: Existing laws, statutes, and policies shall be observed. Student gatherings must not disrupt or interfere with the orderly educational operation of the institution.
  • Right to a fair and impartial hearing.
  • Right to participate in student government and its process.
  • Right to be a member in authorized student organizations.

Student Responsibilities/Code of Student Conduct: The College has established regulations governing student conduct which are considered necessary to preserve and maintain an environment conducive to learning, to ensure the safety and welfare of members of the College community, to encourage students in the development and practice of good citizenship and self-discipline, and to protect property and equipment of the College. The Code of Student Conduct is in effect on College premises, in College vehicles, on properties owned by the College of Central Florida Foundation or the College (with the exception of residential facilities), at functions sponsored by or participated in by the College regardless of the locations, and in the immediate vicinity of the College, including, but not limited to, property and roads adjacent to and visible from the campus whenever student behavior is visible or audible to the campus community and constitutes a disturbance, danger or harassment to or of the campus community.

Each student, by registration, assumes the responsibility to become familiar with and to abide by College regulations and acceptable standards of conduct. Students who fail to observe College regulations or to maintain acceptable standards of personal conduct on the campus or at College sponsored functions or facilities are subject to disciplinary action.

If an enrolled student is formally charged with a felony, or with a delinquent act which would be a felony if committed by an adult, by a proper prosecuting attorney for an incident which allegedly occurred on property other than College premises, or a function sponsored by or participated in by the College regardless of location, and if that incident is determined to have an adverse impact on the educational program, discipline or welfare of the College, then following standard procedures for suspension, the College has the right to suspend the student pending final adjudication. If the student is adjudicated guilty, then the student may be recommended for expulsion through the normal expulsion procedure. With this exception, the College will not ordinarily impose sanctions on a student who is subject to criminal prosecution for off campus activity.

If a student is charged by federal, state or local authorities with a crime in connection with activity which occurs on campus, as previously defined, or at functions sponsored by or participated in by the College regardless of the location, the College will cooperate with law enforcement’s investigation as permitted by statutes governing student privacy and shall follow the procedures set forth under the Code of Student Conduct in regard to its own investigation and penalties.

(Florida Statutes 1013.26, 1012.80, 1006.50, 823.01, F.A.C. 6A-14.0262, CF Board Policy 7.04)